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For Sale by Owner Home Listings in Nebraska
where YOU can sell your home online for less!


Save Money

  • Why use a realtor to sell your home when you can sell it yourself and save thousands of dollars? 

    Save yourself the realtor fees, which can equate to thousands of dollars,  and sell your home yourself - saving your equity for your pocket!  Sell your home by FSBO (For Sale By Owner) may be easier than you every imagined, and we can show you how. Home listings on www.FSBONebraska.com are very affordably priced, and we even offer a FREE 30 day listing to get your started.

Save Time

  • One of the reasons people hesitate to sell their homes themselves, is the time involved in figuring out how to successfully market their property. 

    Using our FSBO (For Sale By Owner) website is simple, but powerful!  You can list your home online in less than 5 minutes and it becomes instantly visible to thousands of potential buyers!  Interested parties can phone you or email you with questions about your property and see the pictures and details of your home in a professionally laid out format.  Our system also provides you with a printable flier that you can copy and use in your yard sign holder providing the website address of your home listing and also your contact information.  Selling your home in Nebraska ONLINE can be easier through our For Sale By Owner website.  www.FSBONebraska.com

       Sell your home online and you could save thousands$$ too!

Sell Online


Top Reasons to List on FSBONebraska.com

Here are the top reasons to list your home on FSBONebraska.com:

  • Featured Listings are available with front page exposure for your home

  • Detailed and organized listing format with complete property information

  • Automatic listings in multiple affiliate sites and top Search Engine Placement

  • Up to 12 Photos depending on your package to showcase your Home beautifully

  • Professionally presented website with excellent customer service daytime and evening hours

  • FREE 30 day trial listing, no risk to you! Experience the ease of placing your listing here

  • Listings are instant, never have to wait for someone else to put your listing up

  • Variety of services and packages available for any budget

  • Placing an Ad for your home is very easy ~ even if you are inexperienced on the computer!

Professional Assistance Available

If you are uncomfortable with the FSBO process, we offer you services from a Licensed Realtor and Attorney to help you through the process.  Have your Negotiations and Paperwork handled by a top attorney and licensed realtor. 

Additional Services Available:

  • Home Market Evaluation by a licensed realtor
  • Have a realtor show your home to interested parties
  • List your home on the MLS and gain maximum exposure
  • Assistance with the proper completion of paperwork and contracts
  • Help with pre-qualifying potential buyers for home mortgages 


Listing Packages

FSBONebraska.com offers a variety of listing packages to help fit any need and/or budget.

Packages include photos of your home, up to 12 different photos.  Also included is the ability to feature your home on the front page of the site for maximum visibility.  You may also want to purchase the package that includes our pre-printed yard sign so that you can market your home from the street and provide an internet address where interested parties may view your home's details and pictures.

Click here to access all listing packages available!

 FSBONebraska Highlights

  • Self Service Listings

  • Listings Show Up Immediately

  • Top Search Engine Rankings

  • Much Less Expensive than newspaper

  • Multiple Affiliate Site Traffic

  • Realtor Assistance Available